Illuminate Presents


An historic community-led effort to let San Francisco’s pride shine during this time of darkness has officially launched.

The Pink Triangle, once a symbol of one of the darkest chapters in human history and now embraced as a beloved beacon of hope and inclusion, has long been at the center of the city’s annual SF Pride celebration. Yet Patrick Carney‘s iconic public art installation atop Twin Peaks is in question – in its 25th year. Social distancing restrictions will make it impossible to construct the massive canvas triangle.

But a milestone effort is underway to Illuminate the Pink Triangle – making it more vibrant than ever. The monumental installation will be augmented by Illuminate, the nonprofit behind the Bay Lights, and will feature 2,700 LED nodes of pink light. The mesmerizing triangle – covering a full acre – will serve as an enduring symbol of San Francisco’s resilience.

The estimated one million annual Pride participants will not be celebrating in San Francisco this year, yet through this effort, the city – and the world – will be able to experience something beautiful together when it officially goes live on June 27.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible, go to SF Pride‘s Pink Triangle account and will be used exclusively to Illuminate the Pink Triangle.